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Guess Who's Back!!!

Hey everyone! I am FINALLY back! I have been away for the past month and a half due to getting my life together. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family. In this blog, I am going to catch you up on what's been going on with me and let you know what I have been up to.

The first reason why I was away is for awhile is because I had to focus on my continuing education classes. I work in Insurance and I have my Property and Casualty License. Every two years, you have to take continuing education classes and renew your license in order to continue selling insurance and speaking to someone about their coverage. Technically, it is against the law for me to speak to someone about their coverage if I am not licensed. You have to complete a total of twenty-four hours before the expiration of your license, which is around your birthday. It literally took me a whole month to complete the classes online because of the length of each section. Once I was able to complete everything, it's a waiting process for them to of course renew your license with the state and send it to my job so they can see that I have completed my courses and renewed.

While I was away, I went to the Prairie View Homecoming in Prairie View, Texas. It was my first time going and I really enjoyed myself. I am definitely going back again next year. I have also been to a couple more trail rides. One was in Beaumont for the Texas Vs Louisiana. The other one was in Hempstead, Texas to Austonio Wild Bunch Trailride. This was my second time attending this trail ride because it was my first trail last year. This year it was REALLY cold but I had a great time because I was able to get on a party wagon and enjoy the ride.

So... I celebrated my birthday on November 27th! My family surprised me with a birthday party on November 30th but I accidentally ruined it. I took off of work that day because I have PTO days that I need to use before the end of the year. I wanted to go to the beauty shop that morning, go the nail shop to get my eyebrows arched, get my car serviced, then go back home to rest. NOPE! Only two things happened that day which was getting my hair done and getting my eyebrows arched lol. My Mom called me and said she had a few things she need to take care of and needed my help so we were going to spend some time together. Okay, that's fine with me. My mom met me at home and we went to a furniture store, to a craft store, met up with her boyfriend, went to go pick up my nephew from daycare, went by the storage, then went to my grandmother's house to waste time. Then we left back out to get my grandmother's medicine, and she took me to a clothing store and bought me an outfit. After all of this, it was around 7:30 PM and she took me home. She warned my sister that we were down the street and it still didn't click in my head. I got home and there was everyone with their surprise. I got there early and ruined it for everyone lol. I kept apologizing and everything. I still appreciated what everyone has done for me. One of my confessions is that I never thought of having a surprise party because I felt that no one would show up. That just comes from my lack of confidence and always in my head, which is something I am working on.

Overall, this past month and a half was stressful but also fun. While I was away, I also thought of some things to improve this site and my blogging. I questioned myself if I would still enjoy doing what I have been wanting to do for the past ten years. Would anyone read my blogs? How can I improve? How can I transform my site into what I want it to be? I got my answer as I was writing this blog. Yes, I am still going to enjoy it; Yes, people would read my blogs; Yes, I will be able to transform and branch my site into what I want it to be. You know how I know: because God got me and he would never let me down.

Pieces of me,

Kendria Anderson

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