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Back Into the Swing of Things... Part 2

Hey Everyone!

I told you there was going to be a part two of the previous blog post. There is so much I want to get out so I want to make sure that it is not sounding confusing and all over the place. I tend to ramble a lot and I notice that sometimes I have to catch myself while writing because it will show too. Leave a comment and let me know if I start rambling on my posts and if starts to get a little confusing.

Picking up where I left off: Dating! So, as I mentioned in the last blog post, there is a man that I am hanging out with, that I have known for a year and a half now. We grew an emotional connection VERY quickly. We really lost touch around June 2020 then he texted me out of the blue in November. I don't really know how to define what we have right now, because we never had that talk yet. He is a really sweet guy and treats me like a lady, but the thing that I am worried about is that he may not want a relationship with me. I would be upset to waste my time and energy with someone that doesn't want to pursue a relationship with me. I know that a conversation is needed very soon to determine what we are.

My job. I have been in the insurance industry coming up to ten years now, but mainly in customer service. Last year in March I started with another office doing sales for insurance. Just like I had to be taught in customer service I needed to be taught in sales, but I did not get the training. December 2020 was my lowest premium number since starting there and it has gone down hill from there with myself and the manager. What's so funny is that because I had so much experience with insurance and with the same company, she felt that I didn't need training for the sales portion. Before working there, I NEVER worked in sales. After that for the past 3 months, everyday, I was in her office for something minor. It was to the point that it felt like she was picking on me and my coworkers were noticing it. Even if I had the most sales above everyone in the office I was still getting asked to come to her office for something. What really hit a low is when I was when she was listening to my call with a customer, instead of calling me into her office to let me know how I should have handled a call, she literally yelled my name in front of everyone in the office and telling me everything I did wrong. There is a way of handling things and she should have told me while listening to my call in a chat, which she can do, or TRAIN ME! It was disrespectful. Now in June, she has calmed down a lot. I think she got the hint that she didn't train me like she told me she would, and after I told her that she didn't.

Well shit... I think there is going to be a part three to this catch up blog LOL. I knew I had a lot to say but damn not this much. It's no problem at all- I love writing. In the next one blog, I am going to mention some business ventures that I was trying to pursue but not all (I can't let all the secrets out). I probably will go further in detail about the ex, I just don't know yet. I also made a change to myself that was needed, thank to my sister. Until next time.

Pieces of me,

Kendria NaCol

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