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Back Into the Swing of Things... Part 3

Hey everyone!

Here we go- new week, new blog, same title. I am trying to make sure that I stay consistent and getting back into writing, but this week has been a little hard for me. As I mentioned before, there was a lot that happened to me while I was away from blogging. Thank you God that it was no health issues of anything like that, it was more so emotional and mental frustration. I will get into that in another post but I want to continue with this one for now.

I forgot to mention some things in my last blog about my job. I tell you, there has been some shit going on that sometimes it's overwhelming. After dealing with the manager, trying to prove myself in the office, since I do have the most experience in customer service in insurance than everyone else, and trying to get into the grove of sales, it was brought to our attention that the owner of the agency decided to open his mouth and say something about the women in the office. It was communicated that he said that the reason that we do not work hard is because we are not breadwinners. We have either a family or spouse that takes care of us. Of course, my sensors went off in my head!

First of all, how dare you? I don't have anyone that takes care of me. I have my own BILLS. I mean, I can gladly give him my $438 car note to pay LOL. That's not how I was raised though. My parents raised my sister and I to be independent women, and make sure we take care of our shit. What he doesn't realize is my education.... DUN, DUN, DUUUNNNN! I have my graduate certificate in HR, so that means I had to learn every law that is in the state of Texas for jobs and business owners. So basically he is discriminating with the women on the office, especially since he told another male in the office. When it was brought to his attention, of course he tried to clean it up and say that he was telling our coworker that he has his wife and he needs to be the breadwinner to take care of her. Yeah right. Every since then, he has tried to avoid us a little. I know that I am not supposed going to be at my current employer long at this particular job anymore. I have four confirmations within the past month and got the fifth confirmation at dinner with my best friend. It's time for me to step out on faith...

I also had my first sexual harassment encounter at work, a couple of months ago. I never thought I would ever say that but it actually happened to me. We have an elderly man in his 70's, who is also a vet, that comes in rude all the time. He feels that he is entitled and feels that we should take care of all his businesses, including his personal business with family. He decides this time he wants to flirt with me. He and I both already had it out because he came in rude one day and wanted to talk about the election that was happening. I informed him that I was not able to speak on it because this is my job. Back to what happened, he went to the other side of the office to speak to another coworker of mine. When he came back, he grabbed and slid his hand down my arm and asked me if I was married. I replied yes. I had my college class ring by my ring finger so I just turned it around and moved it over when he turned his head. When I said that I was, he said "Damn!" extremely loud. Then he told me that I probably didn't want to be with him because he is a cheap man. Ever since then, the manager doesn't let him go further into the office. She literally stays at the door with him and answers his questions and basically gets him out.

I know that I have more to say but that will be another time. There is so much that I want to do with my platform but I have to organize on how I want everything to reveal itself. My cousin called me the other day and mentioned an idea for my blog and I am seriously thinking about it. I just have to step out on faith. Thank you everyone for the feedback since coming back to my blog. I have heard some great things and it has really got me inspired to continue and enjoy what I love to do. Now I'm not sure if there is going to be a part four to this series or not, but I am going to leave this post as a "maybe" for part 4 . As always. let me know what you think about this blog. Until next time....

P.S- My hair was cut as well, which it was needed to be done and I was happy with the results.

Pieces of me,

Kendria NaCol

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