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Hey everybody!

So... I am going to post some pictures that I have never posted before. I rarely do Throwback Thursdays, well rarely post any pictures period, so I wanted to post some pictures that I did back in 2013. These pictures are from when I graduated from college at the University of Houston- Downtown. I was able to be myself and actually appreciate the beauty of my own skin. I told you before, I am a working progress and learning day by day to love myself more.

I have tons of photos from that day but I picked out a few of my favorites. I will post more at a later date. Take a look!

Pieces of Me,

Kendria NaCol

Sidenote: My hair is natural so it was so hot under the lights that I started sweating, and the door was open (nighttime). So you know what that means right? Sweating/night air means natural hair will frizz!

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