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Where Have You Been?!


Hey Everyone,

I'm back again with another blog post and with an apology. I have been away from my blog for six months and I am really ashamed of it. I honestly needed to refocus and rethink about some things in order to make my blog better, as well as personal growth. I do have a lot to catch up with you about so let's get to it!

Well.... of course I have been to some trail rides! I am really enjoying myself even though my brother-in-law thought I wasn't :) (He is going to get me for mentioning him on this lol). We attended the We All We Got Trail Ride around February and it was SO COLD!!!!! I had fun though- after my line dances I was able to get warm. We also attended Piney Woods Association trail ride, which is also considered one of the biggest trail rides in March.

Oh, and how can I forget about my little man, my nephew Kyson! He turned two going on three. He really acts like he is three years old. I told my sister that he has been cooking too long lol. He had a Football-themed birthday party on June 15th right before Father's Day. He LOVES football! He carries a football with him everywhere we go, he pretends he is being tackled or doing a touchdown, and he squats down like he is a linebacker then runs the ball like he is a running back. I just love that little boy y'all-he is my heart.

What's coming up for me next? Well, there is a lot you just have to wait and see. I have always pictured myself doing multiple things and wearing multiple hats and trust me, it is coming! As I stated in one of my previous blogs, there are some things that I have always dreamed of doing and I plan on doing it very soon. This year has taught me a lot about myself- keep pushing and don't worry about what others have to say. Do you! If they don't like what you're doing, then that means that they were not supportive in the beginning and not genuine.

Thank you for listening to me vent and catch up. Check out a few pictures and a video from these past six months. Until the next blog post, love as always.

Pieces of Me,

Kendria NaCol

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