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Trail Riding

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

Good Morning! Here are I am- back with another post. Remember in my last post, I mentioned that I would be doing things that I am just starting to like. Well, going to trail rides are one of them. My sister use to go all of the time but I never went with her. I just started going to trail rides last year in November, after my sister and my brother-in-law TOLD me I was going :-D. I'm a winter baby so whenever I use to think about trail rides, I was just thinking about that HEAT. But after awhile I got use to it and I actually enjoy it. Some things I still have to get use to like walking around a lot of horse poo. Other than that, I am really enjoying it.

My first impressions of going to a trail ride was actually good. That Friday night my sister, my brother-in-law, and I headed to Crosby, TX. On Fridays, groups from Texas to Louisiana all come in town with their travel trailers and their horses to camp out. Some trail rides had night rides on the Friday nights and most time, they either have a live zydeco band play or a DJ. On Saturdays, they will have their rides leave probably around 1 o'clock (Most times the rides end of leaving an hour late because people are still trying to line up) and they ride either their horses, or ride on a party wagon. At my first ride, I was on a party wagon, which I have a great time. I was still trying to get in the groove of things because this was different for me. Later at night, there is going to be wither another live zydeco band play or a DJ that will spin for the night.

One of the rides I went to this past weekend was for a group called Real Deal. We didn't get to go Friday night and the day ride on Saturday but, we got there Saturday night. Many people said that this groups trail ride weekend is one of the biggest rides. We find out that the live band that was scheduled to be there was not going to perform. Allegedly, the group's president cancelled the band and no one knew about it (Allegedly). Either way, it was still nice to leave home and go out and do something. Have you ever been on a trail ride? Write a comment and let me know which ride and what your experience was like. Also, take a look at a few pictures from this past weekend. The first picture is a picture of my sister and I, the second to last picture is the DJ spinning, and the last picture is the horse races beginning.

Pieces of me,

Kendria NaCol

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