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Another Day, Another Trail Ride

Kendria NaCol: #Hair #Trailride

Hey Everybody! I am back with another blog post from my weekend at another trail ride. I swear - this is something I could get use to because I am actually having fun! I guess it's because I am doing something out of the norm for me - I use to be the girl that sat at home and read a book or watch movies. Although I started late in getting to know the trail ride scene, I feel like I have always been a part of it.

This particular ride was in Houston so we didn't have to leave the city to go to a country town. Of course just like the last ride, on Friday night people are settling in from out of town in their campers and going to listen to the live band or a DJ. On Friday I was really excited to go out because last week was a little hectic for me. Friday night's zydeco band was Lil Nathan & the Zydeco Big Timers and as always, they played their asses off. I always listened to his music so I love to hear him and his band play live. The location of the ride is known in the Homestead area so of course it was really packed and hot in the barn. I honestly can't think of anything that I disliked about that day or the location and the atmosphere.

The Saturday event was a little different for me. My sister and I was going to get on a party wagon but that didn't come out as planned as we thought it was going to be- we ended up driving behind the ride. My sister discussed in the car with me that the difference in a city ride versus the country ride is that there are not that many cars behind the ride. In the country rides, there are not that many cars that ride along. After an accident with one of the 4-wheeler's, my sister and I decided to go back to the barn and just wait it out. I believe their ride lasted for two and a half hours, including the delay of the accident. Later that evening, we heard a new band but I forgot their name. We only stayed to listen to them for a few songs but overall they were really good. The next ride I'm going to is in Barrett Station, TX in November. I remember I went to this same ride last year, which was also my first ride. It was a little cold but I still had fun.

I hope you all enjoy this blog post. For the next blog post, I want to get your opinion on a topic that I have had with a couple of people. You will be able to leave a comment on the blog post and I can respond back. Get ready to speak your mind and opinion!

Pieces of me,

Kendria NaCol

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