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What Do You Consider Cheating?

Hey everybody! I know I have been gone for awhile. I am personally dealing with some things and I felt that it was not right for me to write a blog and not give it my all. Then I had to think about it, that is a reason why I set up my blog site. I want to be able to express my feelings and opinions, which in the long run may help someone else! That would probably be my next topic but I want to get your opinion about this topic: What do you consider cheating?

I know that this is a touchy subject but I want to get everyone's opinion. I had a conversation with my sister and my brother-in-law about this. They both of course said kissing and sex is considered cheating. They had different answers to some stuff but they were pretty spot on with most of their answers. They both agreed that spending quality time with someone else other than your significant other - meaning talking on the phone, messaging each other, DM, etc. Basically, giving more attention to someone else versus your significant other is considered cheating.

One of things that I consider cheating is by your heart. What I mean by that is although there are no physical contact, you giving your heart to someone else is what I call emotional cheating. For example, what if you meet someone and you are currently dating or married to someone else. You two talk on the phone and get to know one another and realize that you have a lot in common. Well the conversation can last for months and you realize that you love this person. So, you love your partner but you also love someone else- EMOTIONAL CHEATING. Of course I believe sex and kissing is considered cheating as well.

What do you consider cheating? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Again, I know that this is a touchy subject. This is debate topic that is mostly common and I want to know what you think.

Pieces of Me,

Kendria NaCol

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